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How To Fix “Error code: ssl_error_ssl_disabled”


For some reason, every time I tried to access gmail or any other Google application on Mozilla Firefox I got the following message along with a page load error

“Error code: ssl_error_ssl_disabled”


In case you are facing the same issue, here’s what I did to fix it, with a little bit of help from Binoj Xavier, Web designer , SEO Expert, Blogger and budding photographer.

When you get a message that says “Could not initialize the browser’s security component. The most likely cause is problems with files in your browser’s profile directory. Please check that this directory has no read/write restrictions and your hard disk is not full or close to full. It is recommended that you exit the browser and fix the problem. If you continue to use this browser session, you might see incorrect browser behavior when accessing security features.” (if you can’t read the image, that is) check the following:

Hard drive space

Check your hard drive’s remaining space capacity. To do this on Windows machines:
Open My Computer
Right click on the C: drive
Choose Properties. A dialog will come up.
Go to the General tab
If it reports less than 1MB free space, you’ll need to delete somee files to get more space.

Now, my computer had over 1.4 GB space on the C: drive. So this was not my issue. What I did next was check my file permissions this way:

The file named cert8.db must not be read-only. To do this on Windows machines:
Open your profile folder in Windows Explorer.
Right click on the file named cert8.db.
Choose Properties. A dialog will come up.
Go to the General tab
Make sure the “Read-only” checkbox is not checked.
Press OK.

If you do not know how to check your profile folder, try this site from Mozilla Support.

My issue was still not fixed so it was probable that my cert8.db file was corrupted. To fix this, I had to:

Close the application by choosing File -> Exit.
Open your profile folder in Windows Explorer.
Click on the file named cert8.db.
Press delete.
Restart the application. cert8.db will be recreated when you do so.

You may get a message that says “Firefox is still running, close the application or restart your computer”. Restart and run Gmail, it’ll open up.

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76 thoughts on “How To Fix “Error code: ssl_error_ssl_disabled”

  1. many thanks – worked perfectly

  2. I have tried deleting the cert8.db, the secmod.db, as well as the key3.db files, as well as creating a new profile. Still have the problem. Every time I open Thunderbird I get the “security component” message above. Don’t have any problems connecting to get mail, or to browse the web. Have checked hard drive space and “read only” options, and everything seems to check out okay. What else could possibly be the problem?

    • I had the same prob. I read this and deleted the cert8 and Key3 but then I looked for another db file called secmod and deleted that and now Firefox works perfectly. look for that secmod and see if that works

    • I too had the error problem “Error code: ssl_error_ssl_disabled” but mainly when I needed to go to a secure website. I read every forum and everybody said delete the cert8.db file in your profile which I did but it didn’t work for me as the newly created file either was corrupt or simply didn’t work……..HOWEVER after a day of frustration I noticed that there were several other cert8.db files under my profile, I assume from other installations of Firefox. I decided to copy one of these and put it in the most recent profile folder (believing that in some way Firefox was creating corrupt cert8.db files when I had deleted it) and guess what!! It worked perfectly. I had 4 files to choose from so I picked the newest after the one I had that didn’t work. It may be worth a try if you are having the same trouble that I did. If you want to find where the cert8.db files are they are under your profile in %Your_Profile_Name%\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles (this is for XP – don’t know if it is different in vista or 7) and under a folder which is mainly letters and numbers looks something like this “fjrtnf1s.default”. Hope this helps.

      • PS: If you can’t find the cert8.db file just do a search in Windows explorer under your profile. Make sure you hit advanced and include subdirectories. Good Luck!!

  3. i don’t have that file:| damn it

    • I am sure you do. Takes a bit of time to work your way around. I didn’t find mine on the first try. Try again.

  4. i dont find the file cert8.db…i used the manual how to find your profile and i didnt found the cert8.db! You said it took some time for you to found it, can u please tell me where di u find it(oh it doesnt find the file even in start>search!) please help!

    • @ oncea and shadb:

      You will not find the file in Start> search.

      What you have to do is, click the Start button on the bottom left of your desktop and click on Run.

      Type in %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ then click the OK button below the box.

      Windows Explorer opens a folder containing your profiles. The file would be named XXXXXXXX.default where XXXXXXX represents a string of eight characters.

      When you open the folder, among other things you will find a cert8.db file which is a database file. Follow the instructions on the blog and you will get it to work.

      • Thanks buddy. It worked for me.

        You rock.


      • Brilliant Sagar. Thanks for the reply and welcome to this blog.

      • hola,tengo el mismo problema.como hago para buscar el perfil para luego encontrar ese archiv.?

        usted dijo que en ejecutar ponga algo,lo puse pero no me aparece esos profiles. alguien me ayuda a encontrar el profile?gracias

      • las instrucciones para findinf el perfil están en el blog y los comentarios de la otra vez. Por favor, mire a través de encontrar su respuesta

  5. i did everything they said to do but when i go to XXXXXXXX.default ,except mine has different numbers and letters, cert8.db don’t show i looked in all the folders and i can’t find it. it is really making me mad because firefox and internet explorer wont work. also i tried installing google chrome but it says there is a

    Unknown Installer Error

    please help me =[ i have no idea what to do


  6. @Ana.G, The xxxxx.default forlder if supposed to have different numbers and characters, so don’t worry about it. And as for cert8.db have you checked the hidden folders?

    As for Chrome, try updating the Windows installer. You will find it at :

    • as an alternative, so that you can do away with the “partial” download that google provides which require pulling additional installation files, here is a full, standalone installer for the google chrome browser.…e_installer.exe
      — OR —…e_installer.exe

      as you can see, they are google links so they’re legit, but not the original tiny 475KB they initially provide. it’s a 7.8MB download, but of course, if you’re still locked out from that, just your luck.

  7. hello dear,i can’t use mozilla firefox due to error-code-ssl_error_ssl_disabled.pls check whats the wrong in this page.

  8. Hi, I got this message:Secure Connection Failed
    (Error code: ssl_error_ssl_disabled) and I tried almost everything. I have deleted that cert.file (but probably before closing firefox) then I made a new profile and deleted that old one, I even went to
    about:config and turn all some recommended security SSL files to true, but still I have this alert and cannot login to my gmail and other sites.

    Can anybody help me?


  9. Thanks so much it worked straight away!!

  10. I’ve done all the things that you said but still nothing have changed :(

    • @charlieo, michal, alice: the steps i have noted down has helped solved the problem for me and a few others. May be your problem lies elsewhere. My suggestion would be to check on online forums for similar issues and check what they have to say about this.

      @Sandie, you’re welcome !!

  11. thanks for help, to me it works ;)!!

  12. where can i find the cert8.db? i only got “n2iutftw.default” .what is that? please help me.thanks

    • @Olda, I am glad.

      @kimi, You will find the location of the cert8.db in the blog post itself. And also in a comment here. I have no idea about the other file you are talking about.

  13. Firefox:
    Tools | Options | Advanced | Encryption | Protocols:
    check the box: Use SSL 3.0
    Restart Firefox or refresh the Page
    Solved my problem.

  14. Bernie, your approach work for me !!! And I tried everything and anything else. Thanks a lot, now i am hero around here.

  15. the fix worked for me too.


  16. Okay, so I have looked through this blog, picked it apart. I have located the cert8.db file. It is not marked read only, and I have just done a disk cleanup in order to make space on my hard drive. Yesterday it was almost completely full, now theres im guessing an 8th of free space. Honestly this isnt my computer, it is my mothers boyfriends. And I am trying to fix all of its little errors and faults, to make it run faster. I was going to go check my hotmail, and thats when I realized that the ssl_error_ssl_disabled protocol was on route. I do not know how to fix this problem. Currently i only have 785 MB of free space, BUT yesterday I had 1.3 GBs of free space, still had the problem. Can anyone help me or guide me through what must be done to take care of this? Also if anyone here knows a little about defragging problems please reply to me. I have one of those too.

  17. Fixing the ssl_disabled problem is described here, quite nicely .. it works on the current version of Mozilla Firefox

  18. hola, tengo un problema al ingresar a facebook pues sale el sgte anuncio: “Se requieren cookies
    Las cookies no están habilitadas en tu navegador. Por favor, ve a tus preferencias de seguridad y modifica la configuración antes de continuar.”
    Y no se como habilitar las cookies.

    Necesito ayuda. gracias

    • Flakitha’s post translates to: hello, I have a problem when entering the sgte facebook announcement comes as “Cookies Required
      Cookies are not enabled on your browser. Please go to your preferences and change security settings before continuing. ”
      And do not how to enable cookies.


  19. thanks heaps …. it worked for me. I had tried reading other websites in order to fix the problem but you have the clearest instructions by far


  20. oprostite da vas motim toda morte pomagati ker nam facebook ne dela (23.5.2010) vceraj nam je zelo lepo delal in vse toda danes nam noce (jas ugotovila) prosim da pomagate ker je pisalo da se ubrnimo na stran SSL error……
    pisalo pa je tudi da ste nam vi onemogocili!!
    pomagajte prosim!! (ce ste zastonj seveda)

  21. Thanks for the great solution you had mentioned on the site.

    After deleting both files “cert8.db” & “key3.db” the error got fixed.

    Thanks a lot !!!
    :) :) :)

  22. Thank you for posting! Never have I gotten ‘under the hood’ as it were to fix anything on any of laptops or mac towers so when the error came up this evening I was horrified to say the least. Your instructions were very straight-forward and everything is back to normal. Looking forward to future RSS alerts. Thanks again … Cheers!

    • @Prasad: Thanks
      @Dauphine: I had never gotten under the hood too, so when i was forced to find a solution I thought of writing it down for others like me. Glad it is of use :)

  23. i did everything usaid to do but when i go to xxxxxxxx.default but cert8.db don’t show , i check the hidden files also but USELESS .
    how i can find it ?? plzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz

  24. You rock! That error had me dead in the water for days!

  25. In firefox, i Went to Tools>Options>Encryptions and checked the SSL protocol box

  26. hi

    i had read and tried all steps from this post and other sites, but nothing has changed

    i dont know what to do anymore, that ssl_error_ssl_disabled and masega box whitch you have posted here pises me of!

    i cant find that cert8.db fu*kin file nowhere in my pc

    i installed/uninstaled mozilla for serveral timer, changed my profile, checked all the stuff

    maybe im not too smart at this, i dont know, but i know that i cant get rid of this

    • Well, pisses you off or not this post has been of help to numerous people, some of who have left comments here. Try again, may be it will work.

      • Im not saying that this post isn’t good, i read the coments and know that it helpt, but no to me

        oo believe me, i tryed severeal timer, maybe therš just something more to do that someon hasn’t wrote here, sooo….

      • Laila, I am really sorry it didn’t help/ See, I am not a tech person, and these steps had helped me, so i wrote it all down. But if this is not helping you perhaps the problem is elsewhere in your comp and someone with a better knowledge will be able to help you. Hope it works out :)

      • you don’t need to be sorry, its not your fault ;)

        and its very good that you wrote it down, its cool that it helped other people :)

        well, i hope that im just too dumb and did something wrong, but my comp is ok, guess need some extra help from someone! Gotta search for that one :)

        tnx ;)

  27. ur solution workd perfctly thnks…

  28. Works perfect for me. Thanks alot ;)

    • for me also doesnt work. I triple checked, but I simply cannot find cert.db file. ive checked box for ssl, it was checked already… Cant figure out, also I dont have other files which people delete, I dont have any file with db extension!!!! What you people think will happend if I delete whole profile folder??
      NOthing coming to my mind as a solution.. If someone of you who didnt have that file resolve the problem, please, post it.

  29. parola mea era …… iar acum nu mai merge si nu stiu ce sa fac va rog ajutatima!!!!!!!!

  30. yvajaemi ot 10 dni ne moga da vle3a v pohtata si pomognetemi

  31. nem tudok belépni a levelező programjaimba. Csak hibajelentést kapok

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  33. Thanks a lot !!!

    I work for many days on this and I try what you write and it works!

    Deleting CERT8 is all what you have to do!

  34. thank u very much, it work for me, nice for sharing, may GBU…

  35. Thanks very much!! Great instructions!

  36. Thanks you so much for toturial….

  37. Thank you, worked well.

  38. help me guys i have this problem to and i cant found cert8.db! to :| can somebody help us , i use windows xp proffesional , thanks

  39. the email is not comming

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