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How to Get a Disability Certificate in Kolkata


SSince there is not much information on this on the ‘net I thought I’d put it all down here for those of you who might need it. A lot of this information came courtesy a friend, Satadru Ojha who works at Times of India and went out his way to let me know all this. So here goes:

1. Go to Ganesh Chandra Avenue near Income tax Bhavan / Khadi Gramodyog Office-cum-shop and look for the Transport Department building. On the third floor of this building is the Social Welfare Department. The Social Welfare Commisioner who sits here will give you a form, and tell you whom to approach at a government hospital. You have to take this form and the person for whom you are seeking the certificate to any government hospital (such as NRS, Chittaranjan, Calcutta Medical College etc.) and approach the doctor/ medical personnel named by the Social Welfare Commissioner or Officer. They will conduct an examination of him/her, and duly stamp and authenticate the form. Then one of you has to take the form to the Social Welfare Department again and submit it to the Social Welfare Officer there. In 21 days from that date you should get the certificate. If possible, please check the Telephone Directory for their number and call to find out what other documentation might be required and what time would be most suitable.

2. Another way to go about this is to take the person to the IICP office at Taratalla on any Thursday by 8.30 am to register her for a check up. They will provide all the information you might require and often a referral from them can speed up the process for obtaining the certificate. Please note that the IICP checks new patients only on Thursdays. Their phone no. is 033- 24013488 and they are available at P35/1 Taratalla Road, Kolkata 700 088. You can also email them at <> .

To get the disabled I-card one has to approach the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of one’s jurisdiction with relevant documents and can be issued a card on the same day if the papers are in order. In either case, the papers to be submitted are:

1. Application form duly attested by a Gazetted officer.
2. Attested photocopy of first three pages of ration card showing proof of three years residence in the city
3. Attested photocopy of medical Certificate in respect of disability from any government hospital such as CMCH etc.
4. Two passport size photographs. One should be attested from Gazetted officer.
5. For issuance of duplicate identity card, Rs. 10/- to be deposited with the cashier of District and the receipt should be attached with the application form.
6. Original Ration Card is required at the time of submission of application form.
7. Identity card will be given to the applicant only after getting his/her signatures on the Card.

Please note, that even with a high degree of disability, it is absolutely mandatory, that the person for whom the certificate / card is being issued. This is to prevent some people from faking their disabilities to get the benefits of the certificate.

You will also find the same information on this site.

Ps: this information is all I have. I feel really terrible when you ask me questions and I don’t have answers. Please check with the places I mentioned for any other information.

46 thoughts on “How to Get a Disability Certificate in Kolkata

  1. This is helpful. Good deed, Suchismita

  2. dear suchismita,thank you for the useful information which i have noted ,to guide persons who need this information.God bless you.regards.col d ray

  3. Mam, thanks a lot for this info. One of my friend wanted this information which i did not know. This helped me a lot to understand the whole procedure. Keep it up.

  4. thx.
    suchismita it is very helpful to all of us.

  5. thanks a lot suchismita.It’s a great guide. Hope it would be useful for me .

  6. @Utpal and Sanjoy, you are welcome!

  7. Mam thank you very much for the info which I am uable to find anywhere on the net till now.

    My 3 yrs. old daughter is profundly hering impaired and I am looking to get her certificate and ID Card done. Going by your details will she be issued an ID Card as she will not fit in some of the requirement like signing documents, having Ration Card etc.

    Pls. let me have any info that you might have about such cases.

    • I think that since she is so young, it might be possible for you to get a card for her if you show all relevant medical records and provide your ration card details listing you as residents for more than three years. I think for a minor, it is fine to present the parents’ ration card. But as for the rest of the documents, you might have to fill it all for her, and submit as required. The best thing would be to get in touch with IICP on the phone number given in the post in order to get a more detailed idea of how to go about it.

      I hope you can manage to get the card for her.

  8. Thanks Mam. Will get in touch with IICP. I happen to stay at New Alipore and Taratola would be nearby only. We do have Ration cards and I am a resident for my entire life till now :-) and my wife too is now 6 yrs.+ resident here in Kolkata.

    Just couple of more questions. Will the Social Welfare office will guide me about where to take my daughter for tests? She has undergone a cochlear implant and is under speech therapy process currently. Will that matter?

    Thanx for your help. Your proactiveness in the matter is highly commendable.

    • Actually IICP is essentially for cerebral palsy but I think they still conduct tests for other disabilities. I would suggest you call and find out first. In any case, if you are applying for a certificate you will probably have to get your daughter tested at one of the centers recommended by the SWO and it will probably be a government hospital.
      If she has had an implant already, I think it still qualifies her for the certificate. The speech therapy will probably not hamper the process because most people will disabilities are taking treatment of some sort anyway. The only thing it might be relevant for is the percentage or degree of disability granted to her in the certificate. But I don’t think that will be a huge problem. Again, please check with IICP for whether they will help in getting the disability certificate or if you will have to do the whole process at the GC Avenue center.
      Thank me when it is over. When anything I say actually help you get your little girl some help. I certainly hope it will. Good luck!

  9. Thank Mam. Will surely keep you posted on the happenings from here.

  10. thanks a lot!! this was very useful! i could’nt find this info ANYWHERE!! thanks again..

  11. i come from jalpaiguri district and i have lost the handicap certificate so i have to get a new it possible to get in kolkata..(through one of the ways u have mentioned..)

    • Roshan, I am not sure if you can get the certificate from Calcutta since you are from Jalpaiguri. But there might be a provision, though I am not aware of it. Please let me know if you can find out.

  12. I am from U.Dinajpur,I am having 67% sensorineural deafness after havin a tympanoplasti operation 7 yrs back.DOCTOR advice me to use a hearing am I applicable to get a handicap certificate.plz help n mention d criteria to get a handicapped certificate for adeaf person.


  14. Thank you mam for your valuable information, i have a dependent who is having 100% disablement and i have obtained the certificate from the Govt. Hospital, and i want to claim 80 dd under income tax for rebate in tax , please guide me the process

  15. If you could message me with a few hints on how you made this blog look like this , Id appreciate it.

  16. If ration card is not done then whether handicap certificate can be avail

  17. required handicapped facilty

  18. I am a person with disability. I broke my leg, i.e. neck of the femur hip joint in Feb 1992. After operation I found that it has shortened by half inches. I never thoght of availing this facility. But as I am approaching age of 60 I feel to avail of this opportunity. I do not have Ration Card as you have mentioned. I have PAN, VoterID, and Adhar Card as documents.

    • Sir, I do think that you can get a certificate based on the Aadhar Card, since it is a government-endorsed UID. Please try and let us know if it works. I think it should.

  19. Please can you tell me if Voter card will work in place of Ration Card.

  20. And one more thing, my left eye has -12.5 and right eye has -2.5. Is this power normally eligible for any Handicapped Certificate?

    • Voter ID should be fine for registration. I am not sure if the eye power makes you eligible. You will have to check with them

  21. thanks a lot suchismita for your wonderful sharing of knowledge…

  22. sir, this is mridul sarkr,my both hip is total replacement one year ago.will i get handicapt certificate


  24. One of my friend is suffering from rheumatic arthritis. She is in a state where she can not move without support and she needs a certificate. Your information seems to be useful which I have passed on to her. I shall update you with the progress. Thanks a lot.

    • Thanks so much! No one seems to remember to let us know if this worked, and one confirmation would really help. Hope your friend gets the certificate!

  25. Dear Ma’am, your information is really helpful. But, on the contrary, I’m from Asansol. So, can you arrange for some help in my case. There’s the govt. hospital in Chittaranjan, at a distance of 15-20 km from my house. Please, tell me if getting the form from Kolkata Office would do, or I’ve to get it from somewhere else, and where? I know that’s a lot to ask, but, I’ll be really grateful to you for this kind act of yours.

    Thanks in advance.

  26. Last year by accident my right arm &right back was damaged.
    Ritght & left neck are not equal now.
    down right neck also right back
    Also r8 leg is smaller than the laft leg.
    I could not work like earlier.
    I just want to get a handicafed certificate.
    My adds
    Sumit Ghosh
    C/o-Parikhit Ghosh
    Vill p.o-Katna
    State-West Bengal
    Plz tell me …how can I apply??

  27. Last year by accident my right arm &right back was damaged.
    Ritght & left neck are not equal now.
    down right neck also right back
    Also r8 leg is smaller than the laft leg.
    I could not work like earlier.
    I just want to get a handicafed certificate.
    My adds
    Sumit Ghosh
    C/o-Parikhit Ghosh
    Vill p.o-Katna
    State-West Bengal
    Plz tell me …how can I apply??
    Where I have to apply?

  28. How to get Handicapped certificate from south 24 Pgs. Please step by steps

  29. Dear Sir/Mam,
    I meet an accident on 18/10/2011, my left side totally injured. I was admitted in hospital for operation. My left hand elbow was totally broken. Dr. Roychoudhury joined my hand with artificial elbow. After cutting my hand plaster I can’t straight my hand. Then I going physiotherapist as Dr Roychoudhury’s advised but it not straight till. I have not any work by this hand and full power in this hand.
    As per Doctors advised its very big operations so my artificial elbow permanently stable there.
    So, I want a handicap certificate or card. Please help what I’m doing for this.

    Thanking you

  30. I’m suffering from psoriasis on sclap for 5 years and now I am getting psoristic arthritis. Can I get a physically challenged certificate?

  31. How to apply a disability certificate

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