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I Can’t Monetize This Blog :(


I opened my blog on WordPress because I thought it was way more serious and classier than blogger. And honestly I have had no issues with it so far. It was only when some folks thought I should monetize my blog that I realized Blogger was better.

Why? Because Blogger-initiated paid advertising or affiliate advertising is not allowed. And bloggers do not have access to the coding of their dashboards anyway, so you can’t put anything there. There are some plug-ins though, but to understand that, I would go back a long time, study science better and take up software instead of literature. Man, why can’t they see that averagely intelligent people like me would never work their way through the complicated instructions, even if they desperately want to monetize their rather successful blogs?

Bloggers can’t run paid advertising on their blogs at WordPress already runs Adsense on them and those are the only paid ads allowed, and it’s not the bloggers that get paid. When will they change that? There’s an upgrade available now to take Adsense off your blog entirely. When will they let you put paid ads on your blog? Probably never.

Of course, I could buy off my domain and host it as but that would result in a drop of hits with the changed url, and the way this blog is going, I would not want that, really.

It is a bad bad world when they won’t let a girl earn her manicure money.

PS: And you can’t even put a lot of widgets, including a clock on WordPress. Check this if you don’t believe me !! WordPress does not “support” this !!

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4 thoughts on “I Can’t Monetize This Blog :(

  1. I checked that clock thing. This bugger refuses to put it up. And why the hell would they not support it. It shows time for Christ’s sake. And harmlessly. Good lord!

  2. Ok. I do this for you. But, what do I get?

    And, you can always export your files from suchismitamajumder.wordpress to, and do a 404/301 redirect from suchis… to suchis…com. That way you retain your google juice as well as human traffic.


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